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All cleaners are permanently employed, carefully selected and educated.
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Welcome to Jeffrey!
The easiest way to find your personal cleaner.
Are you looking for a reliable cleaner? While most offers are single-sided, it would be great to have someone who does not only clean your home but performs other tasks of your everyday life: ironing, cleaning windows or just giving your shoes a shine. When you come home, your bed is made, your clean laundry hangs in the closet and the plants are watered...

We provide best quality! All cleaners are fix employed, tested and educated. We try to improve your service through our standardized processes and continuous feedback loops consistently.

Safety is important to us! A good cleaner is reliable and knows his craft inside out. Though, it should not be a stranger who is in your apartment. At Jeffrey, we will find your personal cleaner (your Jeffrey) who will take care of your daily household worries and who you are going to appreciate. Besides, your Jeffrey is – in contrast to a cleaning lady – a personal assistant, a confident who is making life easier. Every services is protected by the excellent Insurance from our partner AXA insurance AG.

With Jeffrey you get maximal flexibility. Your cleaner visits your home on a regular basis. All appointments are beeing charged dynamically and by the actual provided service duration. You decide what has to be done arround your household. Thanks to our user-friendly mobile app you can easily assign tasks to be done to your Jeffrey, e.g. cleaning your bath and bedroom or taking care of your dry cleaning and groceries.
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