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How the Jeffrey Service works.

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Fast booking.
Quick and easy.
Easy online booking via Web-App or iOS App.
2. Individual configuration of your service (e.g. weekday of service / time slot of service) by phone with our customer service.
3. First appointment with your personal Jeffrey to finalize your service configuration.
Best service.
Best convenience.
Only permanent employees work for Jeffrey. We are not a platform for self-employed persons.
Flexible booking of individual services (e.g. floor cleaning) instead of a fixed time.
Execution of your service in three time slots: morning, afternoon, evening.
Insured key management for maximal comfort.
Easy billing.
Full transparency.
Detailed invoice at the end of a month.
Detailed listing of all services and products on your invoice.
Debiting of the monthly account is generally 2-3 days after invoicing.
Our services at a glance.
individualize your service.

Experience Jeffrey
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The smart Assistant for Your Home.
Would it not be nice to have a personal housekeeper? While a cleaning lady is single-sided, a housekeeper does not only clean your apartment but performs other tasks of your everyday life: ironing, cleaning windows or just giving your shoes a shine. When you come home, your bed is made, your clean laundry hangs in the closet and the plants are watered.

Though, it should not be a stranger who is in your apartment. At Jeffrey, we will find your personal housekeeper (your Jeffrey) who will take care of your daily household worries and who you are going to appreciate. Besides, your Jeffrey is – in contrast to a cleaning lady – a personal assistant, a confident who is making life easier. Thanks to our user-friendly mobile app you can easily assign tasks to be done to your Jeffrey, e.g. cleaning your bath and bedroom or taking care of your dry cleaning and groceries.

Your Jeffrey is not a cheap workforce. Our employees are thoroughly selected and have full insurance coverage. Instead of a single-sided cleaning lady, we assign you a household partner who is working off the tasks which distract you from doing sports, reading or learning a new language.

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